Kurume City Oversized Garbage Online Reception

A. New Application

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※ Dumping sites need to be designated before making an application. If you are not sure of the dumping site, please contact the phone number below.

B. Confirmation/Modification/Cancelation of Application

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※ You can only apply for items which are listed as Internet- application items. For other items, contact the number below:(Item list)

[Inquiry] Kurume City Cleaning Department Oversized Garbage Reception Center
Telephone: 0942-37-3342
Facsimile: 0942-37-3344
reception hours:
from 9:00am to 5:00pm
(No reception will be available on Sundays, holidays, and the end and beginning of the year)
[Inquiry]Kurume City Environment Department Resource Recycling Promotion Division Telephone:0942-37-3342